Project FeederWatch
What to Expect in October

Project Feeder Watch ended in April.  After several years of compiling statistics, we are confident that we can predict which species of birds will come to our feeders each month.  The most common native birds you will see in October are Common Grackles, Mourning Doves, and Northern Cardinals.

The winter birds are arriving -- the first Junco was spotted.

American Goldfinch Photo
Blue Jay Photo
Common Grackle Photo
Cooper's Hawk Photo
Dark-eyed Junco Photo
European Starling Photo
House Finch Photo
Mourning Dove Photo
Northern Cardinal Photo
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Photo
White-breasted Nuthatch Photo
Yellow-rumped Warbler Photo

You can find out who's at the feeder all year long at the Nature Center by clicking here.