Visitors to Lakeside Nature Center can see live birds of prey, including hawks, owls, vultures, falcons and a Bald Eagle. Although these birds are unable to survive in the wild, they serve as ambassadors for their species to the nature lovers of Kansas City.

Are these pet birds?

     These birds are WILD.  They have learned to sit on a handler's glove and adapted to life in captivity, but they are still wild.

     Each bird has special circumstances that prevent it from hunting on its own.

     At Lakeside Nature Center, the birds receive daily care and are safe to live without worry or predators or hunger.

Why are the birds tied up?

     The birds are tethered for their protection while they enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

     Birds of prey have sharp beaks and talons and may attack other birds.

     Each evening the birds are placed in individual rooms where each is free to move around.

Check out the Lakeside birds.

Eagle American Bald Eagle (female)
  American Bald Eagle (male)
Falcon Male Kestrel
Hawk Red-Tailed Hawk
Kite Mississippi Kite
Owl Barn Owl
  Barred Owl
  Screech Owl (Gray Phase)
Vulture Turkey Vulture Adult
  Turkey Vulture Juvenile

                                                  Updated 04/30/17