Lakeside Nature Center

Build Your Backyard Habitat

MDC Nest Box Plans
Download plans provided by MDC
(Mo Dept of Conservation)
Smooth Sumac
Red berries are safe; the white ones are bad.
Missouri's Orchids.
We have more native orchids than Hawaii!
Add Asters to Your Garden. 
Fall bloomers  are native, hardy and beautiful
Simple Bird Feeders
Use recycled materials for easy projects        
Entice Bluebirds to nest
Set up bluebird nest boxes and they'll come! 
Attracting Butterflies to your garden
Providing the proper environment ensures
that butterflies will flock to your garden                 
Luring Hummingbirds to your yard
Flowers to entice hummingbirds to your yard    

                                                                                                            Updated 11/27/10

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